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Everything App and Game Developers Need to Know About iPhone X Screen

Some are argue that the new Apple flagship smartphone, the iPhone X worth the money. Some are also worried about the top notch, the cut off area for the front camera and Face ID components. However, non can argue that it is beautiful, it is powerful, and it has the best screen to body ratio on the market. Even though the display is just gorgeous, it also makes app and game developers to scratch their head. It is because it is something they have never faced to in the 10 years of iPhone existence: Not just that it has curves on the corner and the notch on the top, but it also has an overlaying visible line at the bottom, called Home Bar.

Now it does not seem too much, and that was Apple's intention, to not to take too much space away from the usable are of the screen. However, it is still there, and you should stay away from that place. Generally speaking you have 44 pixels less from the top and 34 pixels less from the bottom.

Here the blue area represents the so called Safe Area.…

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